Free & Confidential Business Services

Free & Confidential Business Advising

Malheur County Economic Development provides free and confidential advising to assist in answering questions and connecting you to the resources you need. Our team of professional can assist you with general business consultation, economic and financial assistance, government contracting, website development and more. We strive to be your “one-stop shop” on the road to growth.


Business Seminars & Trainings

Malheur County Economic Development teaches small business seminars that help those looking to start a business to those that are already in business and looking to grow. In addition, Malheur County works with state agencies like BOLI, OSHA, and the Secretary of State to bring trainings to our region for employers that need certification.


Social Media/Website Development

If a business is looking to grow their outreach through internet marketing, Malheur County Economic Development can assist. Many business owners are reluctant to participate in social media or to own their own web domain. They wonder how much time it will take to maintain the site and how much will it cost. Malheur County Economic Development has walked business owners through conception to reality when it comes to email marketing, social media or website development. If your business is looking to branch out through electron media, contact us today.

Economic/Financial Assistance

Malheur County Economic Development specializes in helping you access the capital you need to start or grow your business. We will help you gather, analyze and organize financial data for submittal to private and public lenders. Director Greg Smith, has been nationally recognized as a lead in lender relations according to the Oregon Small Business Development Network. From October 2010-2015, Greg and his team participated in the commercial gap-financing and loan packaging service of nearly $56 million.


Government Contracting

Malheur County Economic Development, in partnership with the Oregon Government Contract Assistance Program (GCAP), will assist you in registering to do business with the federal and state government. GCAP is Oregon’s link to a $250 billion market. Every year the Federal Government purchases billions of dollars’ worth of products and services from businesses just like yours. If you are an Oregon manufacturer, wholesaler or service provider, you should take this opportunity to tap into the worlds’ largest market; the U.S. Government.

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