Malheur County Economic Development, in partnership with Business Oregon, received word their application to expand the Malheur County Enterprise Zone to include the former Select Onion site was approved.

The former Select Onion facility is equipped with modern food processing technology and large open industrial space, both attractive assets to those looking to locate in the area. Recently, Business Oregon was contacted by a prospective business looking to purchase the facility. In the negotiations, Business Oregon reached out to Malheur County Economic Development to help provide additional incentives for the business to locate in Malheur County. Economic Development began to draft the application and work with the county and cities to pass the needed resolutions to extend the boundaries of the enterprise zone to include the property being negotiated. The application was then submitted to Business Oregon and approved last week.

“We are glad to have the ability to provide incentives for business and industry to locate here in Malheur County,” said Greg Smith, Director of Malheur County Economic Development. “It is not just the financial incentive that will help, but we want companies to know we will work hard to make Malheur County a great place for them to do business.”

“Business and industry want to know they can count on counties, cities and states as partners,” said Melisa Drugge, Business Oregon. “The ability for the county to quickly adapt their enterprise zone demonstrated to the business Malheur County is willing to work with them.”

The Malheur County Enterprise Zone exists to encourage business expansion and relocation. Enterprise zones offer a unique resource for Oregon communities. Primarily, enterprise zones exempt businesses from local property taxes on new investment. Businesses can receive a total exemption from property taxes assessed on new plants and equipment for at least three years if they meet employment and wage criteria.

For more information on the Malheur County Enterprise Zone, please contact Greg Smith, Zone Manager, at (541) 889-6216.

Congratulations to the Malheur County Poverty to Prosperity: Career Technical Education project on being awarded $200,000 from the Oregon Department of Education.

Part of the overall Malheur County Poverty to Prosperity project, the Career Technical Education Project will create two tracks of technical education for high school juniors and seniors.

The welding and fabrication track will build a 21st century curriculum, add 16 new welding stations, and provide technical instruction for 36 students.

The allied health professions track will introduce 90 students, through classroom curriculum and on-site instruction with industry partners, to the future of certificate level health care related careers.The overall goal is to create future jobs by eliminating the destructive social and economic trends facing Malheur County youth, particularly those students who are considered at-risk, under-performing or under-represented.

Malheur County Economic Development had the pleasure to work with the CTE Committee to help write this grant. Congratulations to the members of the CTE Committee:

  • Dirk DeBoer, CTE Committee Convener & Owner DeBoer Farms

  • President Dana Young, Treasure Valley Community College

  • Abby Lee, Treasure Valley Community College

  • Cathy Yasuda, Treasure Valley Community College Foundation

  • Matt Hawley, Vale School District

  • Janine Weeks, Nyssa School District

  • Nicole Albisu, Ontario School District

  • Steve Phillips, Malheur ESD

  • Kelly Poe, Malheur ESD

  • Wendy HIll, Department of Human Services

  • Riley Hill, Greystone Builders LLC

For more information, please contact Malheur County Economic Development.Malheur County Economic Development 544 SW Fourth St. Ontario, OR 97914 (541) 889-6216