VALE, Ore. - Malheur County Economic Development has been named the newest member of Business Oregon's "TEAM Oregon Food Processing."

TEAM Oregon provides members with data and valuable resources designed to help recruit, retain and expand multi-million-dollar food processing industries. In addition, the team and its members target five trade shows including: the Northwest Food Processors Expo, the Winter Fancy Food Show, the Natural Products Show, the Expo West Reception and the Summer Fancy Food Show.

"We are excited to have Malheur County Economic Development as a member of TEAM Oregon," said Jill Miles, Oregon Business Recruitment Officer. "Malheur County represents a strong food processing sector of the state."

"Malheur County now leads the state in available industrial land. We also provide strong economic and financial incentives for those looking to relocate or expand," said Greg Smith, Director of Malheur County Economic Development. "TEAM Oregon will provide a way to spread this message throughout the food processing industry."

ONTARIO, Ore. - This month the Ontario City Council voted to incentivize local economic development and business recruitment by suspending all System Development Charges (SDCs).

"The suspension of these fees will save business and industry thousands of dollars," said Greg Smith, Director of Malheur County Economic Development. "Coupled with our robust business incentive programs, an extensive inventory of industrial land and a transportation system with access to west coast markets - Ontario and Malheur County give companies an effective edge in the modern competitive world."

Malheur County Economic Development joined others in promoting the suspension of Ontario's SDCs, which are collected when new or expanded development occurs, when there is a change in the use of occupancy, when additional dwelling units are added or when the size of water meters change. The suspension is scheduled to last two years, in which discussions will be held regarding elimination of the SDCs.

“We need more jobs and growth in our community," said Ontario Mayor LeRoy Cammack. "This suspension is a good option because it eliminates regulation and fees on businesses.”

“The City of Ontario is taking all the right steps to create a pro-business community," said Riley Hill, local business owner.

To find out more information about doing business in Ontario and Malheur County, contact Malheur County Economic Development at 541-889-6216, or

Malheur County Economic Development, in partnership with Business Oregon, received word their application to expand the Malheur County Enterprise Zone to include the former Select Onion site was approved.

The former Select Onion facility is equipped with modern food processing technology and large open industrial space, both attractive assets to those looking to locate in the area. Recently, Business Oregon was contacted by a prospective business looking to purchase the facility. In the negotiations, Business Oregon reached out to Malheur County Economic Development to help provide additional incentives for the business to locate in Malheur County. Economic Development began to draft the application and work with the county and cities to pass the needed resolutions to extend the boundaries of the enterprise zone to include the property being negotiated. The application was then submitted to Business Oregon and approved last week.

“We are glad to have the ability to provide incentives for business and industry to locate here in Malheur County,” said Greg Smith, Director of Malheur County Economic Development. “It is not just the financial incentive that will help, but we want companies to know we will work hard to make Malheur County a great place for them to do business.”

“Business and industry want to know they can count on counties, cities and states as partners,” said Melisa Drugge, Business Oregon. “The ability for the county to quickly adapt their enterprise zone demonstrated to the business Malheur County is willing to work with them.”

The Malheur County Enterprise Zone exists to encourage business expansion and relocation. Enterprise zones offer a unique resource for Oregon communities. Primarily, enterprise zones exempt businesses from local property taxes on new investment. Businesses can receive a total exemption from property taxes assessed on new plants and equipment for at least three years if they meet employment and wage criteria.

For more information on the Malheur County Enterprise Zone, please contact Greg Smith, Zone Manager, at (541) 889-6216.