Ontario Votes to Suspend All System Development Charges

ONTARIO, Ore. - This month the Ontario City Council voted to incentivize local economic development and business recruitment by suspending all System Development Charges (SDCs).

"The suspension of these fees will save business and industry thousands of dollars," said Greg Smith, Director of Malheur County Economic Development. "Coupled with our robust business incentive programs, an extensive inventory of industrial land and a transportation system with access to west coast markets - Ontario and Malheur County give companies an effective edge in the modern competitive world."

Malheur County Economic Development joined others in promoting the suspension of Ontario's SDCs, which are collected when new or expanded development occurs, when there is a change in the use of occupancy, when additional dwelling units are added or when the size of water meters change. The suspension is scheduled to last two years, in which discussions will be held regarding elimination of the SDCs.

“We need more jobs and growth in our community," said Ontario Mayor LeRoy Cammack. "This suspension is a good option because it eliminates regulation and fees on businesses.”

“The City of Ontario is taking all the right steps to create a pro-business community," said Riley Hill, local business owner.

To find out more information about doing business in Ontario and Malheur County, contact Malheur County Economic Development at 541-889-6216, or