Incentive Programs Boost Economic Development in Malheur County

Malheur County has various partners available to assist businesses and those looking to start a business. In addition, we have numerous business and tax incentive programs available to help companies improve their bottom line. In fact, the most frequently asked question we receive is, "What business and tax incentive programs do Oregon and Malheur County have to offer?"

Business and tax incentive programs are designed to help companies expand, create additional jobs, and establish themselves in a local market. Programs are offered through the local, state, and federal levels.

For a business looking to move or expand into Oregon, the Oregon Investment Advantage Program provides eight years of income tax abatement. Eligible projects and companies must offer a new product or commodity that would not compete with existing businesses producing the same. The incentive may be paired with other programs listed below to eliminate tax liability to the state for a number of years.

For businesses looking to start or expand in Oregon, there are numerous programs available. The Oregon Business Expansion and Small Manufacturing Expansion programs are cash-based forgivable loans designed to assist different industry sectors. The Food Processing Machinery and Equipment (M&E) Program provides property tax exemption on new equipment for five years after being placed into service.

The most utilized incentive program, the Malheur County Enterprise Zone, is designed to provide three to five years of property tax abatement on new investments. Malheur County's zone is also designated a Long-Term Enterprise Zone by the State of Oregon, allowing up to 15 years of tax abatement for qualifying projects. All projects are tied to job creation and local approval.

There are also various tax credits, such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Qualified Research Activities Credits, Renewable Energy Tax Credits, and more. Together, business and tax incentive programs have attracted over $120 million of new investment to Malheur County in the past few years.

If you are interested in learning more, Malheur County Economic Development can bring the various economic development partners around the table to meet with you and develop a tailored plan for your business. We are a team ready to assist you. Contact us today at 541-889-6216 or