Malheur County's Economy Getting Stronger Everyday

MALHEUR COUNTY, Ore. - According to a recent press release issued by the Oregon Employment Department, preliminary estimates for September 2016 show a positive employment trend for Malheur County.

Nonfarm payroll employment in Malheur County increased by 330 jobs over the year.

The private sector provided most of the growth and was led by manufacturing (+80) jobs. Wholesale trade (+40) jobs and education and health services (+40) jobs were also created, as were all private industries (except for financial activities).

“This is very positive for Malheur County,” stated Malheur County Judge Dan Joyce. “This means good family wage jobs are being created for our citizens.” Commissioner Larry Wilson added, “After many years of negative employment numbers, I am pleased to see this economic trend reversed.”

The public sector gained 70 jobs for the year, with most of the gain in local government (+60) jobs.

Nonfarm payroll employment jumped by 510 jobs for the month and was led by local government (+290) jobs and wholesale trade (+190) jobs.

Local government added jobs for the school year and wholesale trade added for the harvest season.

The civilian labor force climbed by 668 people over the year, moving from 12,281 to 12,949.

“An increase in the civilian labor force is positive” said Commissioner Dan Hodges. “This will greatly help our small business owners who are looking to hire more workers, but struggling to find folks ready to work.”

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased from 6.5 percent in September 2015 to 6.2 percent in September 2016.

“There is no doubt about it; the economic path we are on is positive, said Greg Smith, Malheur County Economic Development. “But…there is still more work to be done.”