Malheur County Economic Development Facilitates Funding for Golf Course

Ontario, Ore. – Country View Golf Course in Ontario, a family-owned business, was designed by the

McKinney family and opened to the public in 1999. Its aging irrigation system was failing, and Scott

McKinney turned to Malheur County Economic Development for assistance.

“Greg Smith and Ryan Bailey were phenomenal to work with and in helping us to obtain financing. The

irrigation system was on its last legs, and without it, there would be no golf course. The community

needs the golf course for recreation, and three high schools use it. Not only do locals play, but we’ve

had people from all over the country stop here to golf. The financing was needed to secure the future of

Country View Golf Course, and the new irrigation system will help ensure its existence for another 20-

25 years,” said McKinney.

Judge Dan Joyce said, “This is a well-used facility, and the golf course is extremely beneficial to the

community. Obviously, the funding was very much needed and is an example of how Malheur County

Economic Development works to support local businesses.”

“Not only is Country View Golf Course an important, family-owned business, but having a quality course

attracts tourists, providing a boost to the local economy. In addition, those visitors may consider

relocating to Malheur County and bring their companies with them,” said Greg Smith, Malheur County

Economic Development Director.

Smith added, “Country View Golf Course sits on 45 acres, and 37 will be rezoned to residential with the

intent of building 10-12 new houses in the future. Quality housing is attractive to those companies

seeking to relocate, as well.”