Malheur County Economic Development Mentors Alameda Elementary Robotics Students

On Wednesday, December 8 Greg Smith, Director of Malheur County Economic Development, spoke to approximately 30 Lego Robotics competitors at Alameda Elementary School in Ontario about the Treasure Valley Reload Center (TVRC).

Lucas Tackman leads students in Lego Robotics, and each year different themes are incorporated into their competitions. This year’s theme is transportation and Tackman invited Smith to discuss the reload center project, including the problems it will solve for those shipping products into and out of Malheur County.

“I appreciate the opportunity to share information and answer questions from students about the TVRC. This gave them the chance to learn about a real-world example in their back yard and how it applies to their competition,” said Smith. “We enjoy being a partner with different organizations including Alameda Elementary, and explaining the importance of the TVRC,” he added. The Lego Robotics competition is on December 11th, 2021.


Contact Information:

Greg Smith, Director

Malheur County Economic Development