Transportation Professionals Give Thumbs Up to Reload Facility

(Nyssa, OR) -Malheur County Development Corporation and other sponsors of the Treasure Valley

Reload Center received two excellent reports which have been released to the public from the Oregon

Department of Transportation and The Tioga Group commending the work accomplished and

recommending advancement.

Grant Kitamura, Chairman of the Board said, “This is an investment in the long term future of the

agriculture community and will help us be competitive in the global community.”

Greg Smith, Economic Development Director for Malheur County and Officer to the MCDC board said,

“So much credit goes to our partners who have worked tirelessly to this point. Now is the time to break

some dirt!”

“Malheur County is making a significant investment it its future. A tremendous amount of work has gone

into the project and it is rewarding to know ODOT and The Tioga Group recognize the need as well,” said

Judge Joyce.

Judge Joyce added, “As we move into construction, it is imperative that we continue to have multiple

professionals oversee this project.”

Finally, former Malheur County Commissioner Larry Wilson said, “These reports indicate what many of

us already knew. Demand for an intermodal facility is needed now more than ever.”



Greg Smith, MCDC

Officer to the Board


Tioga Assessment
Download PDF • 710KB

ODOT Assessment
Download PDF • 196KB