Treasure Valley Reload Center - Full Steam Ahead

MALHEUR COUNTY – Ore. – The Treasure Valley Reload Center is moving closer to construction. On June 15th, the Malheur County Development Corporation submitted documents to the Oregon Department of Transportation to complete or prove substantial progress towards a handful of milestones for the project. “Our submission to ODOT should check a lot of boxes for the project and prove that the TVRC project is continuing on the right track”, said Grant Kitamura, MCDC board president.

The documents included in the submission were-

· An Industry Track Agreement (ITA) from Union Pacific.

· Correspondence received from Union Pacific relating to the ITA, indicating their commitment to execute the agreement once payment is finalized.

· A letter from Brad Baird, President of Anderson Perry, providing clarity on a permit that is yet to be finalized.

· The Lease and Operator Agreement to be executed between Americold and the Malheur County Development Corporation.

· Affidavits from both Americold’s legal team and the MCDC board, certifying that the document will be signed in short order.

· A declaration from Malheur County, explaining their commitment to selling the 65-acre parcel of land to MCDC. The declaration also expresses their acceptance of the terms of the lease agreement.

· Lastly, an affidavit from Americold’s legal team confirming that Americold has entered into an agreement with area shippers.

Milestones impacted by the June 15th submission include-

· 1G - Signed Industry Track Agreement outlining the construction, use, maintenance, operation, and ownership of the industry tracks and Contractor's Right-of-Entry Agreement which covers work performed on railroad property.

· 1H - All public body approvals, land use approvals and permits.

· 1I - Fully executed agreement between Recipient and Terminal Operator.

· 2A - An affidavit signed by the Recipient that an agreement between shippers and Terminal Operator has been fully executed.

· 2B - Proof of land acquisition and delivery of recorded copy of "Memorandum of Agreement and Acknowledgment of ODOT Assistance".

The progress made by this submission is incredibly significant. Once the Industry Track Agreement is finalized with Union Pacific and the 65 acres has been purchased from the county, construction will be the only remaining task.

Four years ago, the project was simply an idea to aid one of the largest industries in the Treasure Valley. Since then, the project team searched for the right land parcel, which required a zone change from Exclusive Farm Use to Industrial for Outright use. The site is now shovel-ready, as we have completed many due diligence items including: compaction studies; soil quality studies; wetland and delineation studies; cultural and archeological evaluations; elevation studies; and surveying. Union Pacific has been brought on board, which is proved by MCDC’s pending Industry Track Agreement. And, to bring it all together, Americold has been contracted to run the facility. “The Treasure Valley Reload Center project has come a long way. Malheur County will not only benefit greatly from the reload center itself, but also from the newly created industrial ground surrounding the facility, which will attract additional industry and jobs to the area,” said John Breidenbach, the Ontario Area Chamber of Commerce President/CEO.

The importance of the Treasure Valley Reload Center project to local agricultural producers has only been emphasized by the recent transportation struggles. “We are experiencing an extreme transportation shortage and the completion of this project is needed for the future success of our industry,” said Kay Riley, manager of Snake River Produce.

The first bid for the facility, earthwork and culverts, is expected to be released in the next two weeks. Completion of the project is on schedule with anticipated opening of the facility being approximately August of 2022.