Treasure Valley Reload Center Receives Industry Track Agreement

MALHEUR COUNTY- Ore.- The Treasure Valley Reload Center has completed a major milestone by obtaining a fully executed Industry Track Agreement with Union Pacific. The ITA ensures that Union Pacific will serve the Treasure Valley Reload Center, and outlines the maintenance, operation, liability, and track ownership. “MCDC receiving the fully executed ITA is another great accomplishment for the project and moves us one step closer to a huge win for the county” said Grant Kitamura, MCDC board president.

This achievement checks off one of two large remaining milestones for the project, besides construction items. The land sale still needs to occur between the Malheur County Development Corporation and the County. Once the transaction is made, the Treasure Valley Reload Center just needs to be constructed, which is anticipated to be completed in mid to late 2022. “Malheur County, rest assured that the reload center is on the right track. We look forward to sharing frequent construction updates with the public once our contractors begin moving dirt” said Greg Smith, officer to the board for the Malheur County Development Corporation.


Contact Information:

Greg Smith, Officer to the Board

Malheur County Development Corporation