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Idaho Power provides Malheur County with power that is reliable, renewable and at an affordable cost. Idaho Power is ready to assist commercial and industrial customers as they build their business. Idaho Power consistently scores high in system reliability and maintaining a steady focus on system performance. In a typical year, over half of Idaho Power's resource portfolio comes from clean, reliable hydropower, and for the past seven years, Idaho Power has served business for 40% less than the national average. 


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Current Agricultural Irrigation Rates




Natural Gas

Cascade Natural Gas (CNG) provides services for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities throughout Malheur County. In addition, the NW Williams Gas Line is conveniently located through the northern end of Malheur County. 


General Commercial Services 

Cascade assists commercial and industrial businesses with solutions to their energy needs, by providing a number of specialized services including customized cost modeling and comparisons to alternate energy sources.


Industrial Services  

CNG offers business and industry expertise in three key areas - distribution services, upstream capacity services, and gas supply services. CNG offers distribution service of natural gas to Core Market and Non-Core Market customers. 

  • Core Market Customer - a customer who purchases bundled gas services from Cascade under one tariff that includes gas supply, distribution services from Cascade, and pipeline transportation services. 

  • Non-Core Market Customer - a customer who purchases unbundled gas services. A non-core customer purchases distribution services form Cascade and purchases gas supply and pipeline transportation services separately. 


Current Rates and Tariffs 

All Rates and Tariffs



Fiber Optics / Broadband 

Broadband continues to increase in importance to business and industry. Malheur County offers a variety of options to meet your business needs. 


The State of Oregon has established an Oregon Broadband Council to maintain up to date information. Information, including GIS mapping and more can be found for free at the Oregon Broadband Mapping Project website. 


Services Available

  • Cable Modem – DOCSIS 3.0 - service providing broadband internet using a local cable television line. Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.0 is a 3rd generation service providing higher speeds.

  • DSL Asymmetric - service over a standard telephone line. Asymmetric DSL’s speeds from transmit vs. receive are uneven.

  • DSL Symmetric - service over a standard telephone line. Symmetric DSL’s speeds for transmit and receive are identical.

  • Optical Carrier/Fiber to the End User - service delivered to the home through fiber optic cable.

  • Other Copper Wireline - service providing broadband internet over copper wires other than xDSL (Example: Ethernet)

  • Satellite - service providing Broadband Internet by satellite dish.

  • Terrestrial Fixed Wireless Licensed & Unlicensed - service providing broadband internet over radio antennas mounted on buildings or structures. Licensed and unlicensed refers to the radio spectrum used for the service.

  • Terrestrial Mobile Wireless - Service providing broadband internet service over cellular or other radio networks. This is often referred to as an “air card”.


Malheur County Service Providers

AT&T Mobility LLC

Cable One


EarthLink Business

Farmers Mutual Telephone Company


Inspeed Wireless

Level 3 Communications, LLC

LS Networks

MTE Communications

OneWave Networks

Oregon Telephone Corporation

Oregon-Idaho Utilities, Inc.

Safelink Internet Services


SpeedyQuick Networks


StarBand Communications

U.S. Cellular

Verizon Wireless

Windwave Communications

Viasat, Inc.

Zayo Group LLC

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